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Ministry Blog for April

  Spring is in Full Swing! Hey everyone, hope y’all are doing well and are enjoying the springtime weather. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and hear about what's been going on in my ministry at SMU!  this month has been so sweet as we wrap up the school year, and so I'm excited to share what we've been up to.  Large group gatherings Pizza Theology Pizza theology is an event we host every semester for FOCUS students across all 15 campuses. We spend several hours going in-depth on a specific theological issue and then have a break in the middle to eat pizza all together and talk about what we’re learning.  We had such a great turnout!  This semester, we covered a very important topic within our cultural and political realm of today- how do God and the bible view our bodies in contrast with our culture? This question, which may seem unimportant at first, leads directly into conversations about homosexuality, transgenderism, and abortion. Some of the questions our so