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Ministry Blog for January

I can't believe we're already in February of 2022! It's been a sweet month getting back on campus and working with my team again. Thank you so much for your support; I hope you enjoy my first update of the year! A Chill(y) Start to the Year Since school at SMU didn't start until the 18th of January, I was blessed with a couple weeks of a more flexible schedule while prepping for Winter Camp (more details below) and the start of the semester. During this time, I was able to meet with a lot of my old friends from UT Dallas as well as spend intentional time bonding with my fellow pastoral Apprentices.  Two really fun hangouts we had before school were a girl's Apprentice night in Arlington and whirly ball (a game that combines bumper cars, lacrosse, and basketball) with the whole Apprentice crew. I loved getting to know all of them better and bonding over these fun experiences. All the Apprentices had such a fun time playing whirly ball!  A really sweet movie night wit