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Ministry Blog for August

Hey Y'all! It's been such a crazy month! God has been doing so much on campus at SMU through FOCUS and I am so excited to share that with you. I hope you'll take some time to read through and pray for the people we're interacting with! SICM Thank you so much for everyone who prayed about our SICM experience. This student leadership conference was an amazing time of empowering our students to not only be leaders but also disciple-makers on campus; it also gave all of us space to grow closer to God in His beautiful creation. During that week, we had around six hours of teaching each day over spiritual life, discipleship, evangelism, and campus ministry practicals.  Out of all of these talks, one that was most impactful to me was a session about our inner life and remaining connected to God and the Holy Spirit. It reminded me that the best people that God can use are surrendered people , which doesn't come naturally for me (does it for anyone?). I was reminded that I m