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Ministry Blog for November

Another Month Gone! I can't believe that it's already December!! This month has been so sweet as we've been wrapping up the semester with our students, so I'm excited to share what has happened. Thank you again for your support in God's mission on the SMU campus and your investment in my development as a minister. Discipleship Class and Pizza Theology This month we finished up our Discipleship Class (D-Class) for the semester that we offered our students once a week before our large group gathering. Laurence, the head staff person at SMU FOCUS, and I took turns leading the group through the book of John, going over one chapter a week. I got to teach on John 3 and dive deep into the theological and pastoral implications of Jesus' interactions with Nicodemus as well as John the Baptist's testimony about him. This was such a cool opportunity for our students to interact with God's word on a more academic level; they learned how the context and culture of Jo